Retail vet launches TouchPoint consulting company

Mike Davies, former manager of shopper marketing for Metro, and his team of subject matter experts, are looking to work with clients to help lead their shopper marketing efforts.
Mike Davies2

Mike Davies, former manager of shopper marketing at Metro, has branched off to launch his own consultancy firm, TouchPoint, designed to lead brands through the entire path to purchase.

Davies set up the new consultancy to work specifically with brands on their shopper marketing platforms and help increase basket size.

With a staff of five subject matter experts (including U of T professor and president of market techniques and innovations, Inez Blackburn), Davies will work with clients to provide various solutions, including retail navigation, brand marketing, in-store displays and digital content.

He’ll also offer brands emotive response measurement of their marketing initiatives through facial coding software for both consumer home use and in-store use, allowing clients to measure emotional response to various marketing activities.

“TouchPoint…was created to address an escalating need to connect the dots along the path to purchase,” says Davies, adding that his company’s team of advisors works with brands to look deeply at how shopper behaviour is influenced by varying retail environments, technologies and consumer preferences.

With files from Jennifer Horn