Former Draftfcb VPs form agency

CD Brad Monk and planner David Williams have opened the doors of MonkWilliams in downtown Toronto.

Former Draftfcb execs Brad Monk and David Williams have opened the doors of agency MonkWilliams and are looking to work with large brands on their “new, little ideas.”

Monk, who as VP, group CD at Draftfcb, helped MolsonCoors’ Coors Light become the #1 beer Canada, stepped away from the agency in 2010 to do freelance work, while Williams, former VP planning at Draftfcb, left the agency in 2011 to travel. The pair reconnected in late 2012 and began collaborating on projects, including working on overall strategy and package design for Nestle’s Nesfruta brand. They officially opened their shop in downtown Toronto this month.

The agency already counts MolsonCoors as a client, thanks to Monk’s ongoing relationship with the company. The pair say they have other national and international clients on board and work about to go to market, but said they could not disclose who they are.

The small agency has one other full-time staff member, about 10 people on contract and is planning to hire senior account people in the next few weeks.

It is focused on working with large companies on the ideas or products they have but aren’t sure what to do with, or on “an old brand that has gathered some dust but could really be something if somebody looked at it,” Williams says.

“We found our sweet spot is finding those things that are nuggets but for big companies,” Williams says. “Molson is a good example. They have their daily business with big, big brands driving the bus, but we are helping them with things that are different, things that could be dusted off, things that could be something big if you could just plant the seed.”

Photo: Brad Monk (left) and David Williams.