Air Canada finds a voice

With the brand's biggest marketing push to date, the airliner and JWT are tapping into travellers' emotions.

image_samanthaWith “Your World Awaits,” it’s all about the promise of travel in this new campaign for Air Canada by JWT.

The brand, which recently unveiled its new Dreamliner aircraft, is rolling out its new brand positioning, doing away with its iconic red and blue diamonds in favour of a more emotional connection with consumers, says Brent Choi, chief creative and integration officer, JWT. This is the first campaign from JWT since picking up the account back in October.

The new campaign, targeted at business people who travel frequently and enjoy the finer things, is the brand’s biggest marketing efforts to date, says Craig Landry, VP marketing, Air Canada. It’s all geared at finding new markets in which to play, he says.

“We’re looking into the future and asking ourselves, where is our future growth going to come from?” he says. “And while the domestic markets are strong, it’s clear the future growth is from the emerging markets – Asia in particular, and South America and other markets.”

To capitalize on this new potential growth (and compete in these markets against well-established players like Cathay Pacific), Air Canada and JWT developed “Your World Awaits” to tap into travellers’ emotions.

It isn’t trying to sell a destination, Choi says, it’s about selling the experience.

With tags like “Tourists carry maps. Travellers carry curiosity” or “The world is not an oyster. It’s a 40,075 km pearl,” the campaign will be adapted for different markets, as well as blanket Canada across digital, print and OOH. TV ads will debut in July alongside The Amazing Race Canada, which Air Canada sponsors.

This platform will hopefully be around for years to come, Choi says. “Air Canada needed to stand for something. They were represented by a colour,” he says. “And this campaign – it’s about travel becoming part of who you are, and that’s what Air Canada believes in. It’s not about Air Canada finding a new voice. We’re creating a voice.”