Wanted: Gravity’s augmented sketching

Have a 3D printer but still designing things old-school in 2D? This new toy will solve your drawing woes.

3D sketching for 3D printing. How was this not possible before?

Considering augmented reality has been around for some time now, it’s surprising that a technology that allows creatives to draw 3D images, seen in mid-air through a pair of glasses, was only recently developed. Either way, the Gravity sketch tech, developed by four London-based students of the Royal College of Art in less than a year, is pretty genius, and comes equipped with a tablet and stylus that’s used to draw a 2D image, but appears as three-dimensional when wearing a pair of augmented reality glasses.

What’s great about this contraption is it allows people to do what comes natural, drawing on a 2D plane instead of in mid-air (which could take some getting used to). The tool allows its user to rotate the image using a dial, and is useful in quickly creating and showing others your ideas in a 3D space, which can then be sent to the printer to bring it a more tangible life.

 Via Fast Company