TD gets personalized and personable

The bank dishes out cold, hard cash to customers as it shifts towards more experiential marketing.

After being named Canada’s best brand by Interbrand, TD wanted to thank its customers.

Each summer, the bank puts on branch-specific “thank you” events, dishing out cake and coffee to patrons. However this year, the brand decided to step it up a notch, says Chris Stamper, SVP, corporate marketing.

To start, TD set up four “Automated Thanking Machines (ATMs)” at branches in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver, with folks hidden inside to hand out different gifts (from flowers to $50 to a chance to throw the first pitch at a Jays game) to unsuspecting customers.

Reactions were taped and cut into a short video launched on Friday to kick off the brand’s “#TDThanksYou” day. The video has already garnered more than 450,000 hits on YouTube.

Also on Friday, the brand organized a massive thanks to folks across the country, depositing $20 in the accounts of everyone who was in a bank branch, online or on the phone with TD at exactly 2 p.m. The campaign, which is largely supported through digital, social and PR, was done with Diamond Integrated Marketing, H+K and Leo Burnett.

The campaign comes as a result of a shift at the brand to produce more social and experiential work, which has included diverting resources and staffing up those two marketing departments. The giant thank you follows the brand’s successful Tegan and Sara pop-up concert hosted earlier this summer, which was designed to create an intimate experience for folks who happened to be walking by the venue in downtown Toronto.

With so much data at the bank’s fingertips, customers are asking for these more personalized and personable experiences, Stamper says , explaining the shift.