Is that a robot making my drink?

Absolut Canada got hands-on with its MakerFest in Toronto.

Ever wanted a bot to make your drink? This weekend Corby Spirit and Wine Limited brand Absolut brought the maker movement to Toronto with MakerFest, a free event held at 99 Sudbury on Saturday night in the city.

The jam-packed event featured activations ranging from bar bots that prepared and poured drinks to 3D printers from MakeLab, DJ remix boards and a “Pour Courtesy” telekinesis activation that allowed the 1,100 partygoers to try on headsets that read brainwaves and had the person who was concentrating hardest pour the other player a drink with their mind. Q-Tip and Theophilus London performed at the event.

There were also more traditional maker activations on hand, with Vancouver-based Hand and Sew helping people create their own custom-made leather key chains and bracelets.

The event had been publicized with a TSA ad campaign around the Queen Street West area in advance of the event, and is all part of Absolut’s “Transform Today” global push to tap into the millennial interest in maker culture.

All projects on hand Saturday night had been submitted to Absolut’s call for activations. The brand has also held MakerFest events in Montreal and Vancouver.

Photos by Kevin Cordick