Dad’s shopping habits by the numbers

Who is more concerned about price - mom or dad? The latter's buying habits and preferences (and how some compare with mom's) are revealed in a new Y&R study.

shutterstock_12164122This story appears in the May 2015 issue of strategy.

Dads might be starting to get more credit from brands as the primary caregivers and shoppers in their households, but their buying habits and preferences aren’t always in line with their female counterparts – for instance, they’re more brand loyal and less concerned with price than many mothers.

A new study from Y&R of more than 8,000 North American dads reveals how they feel about comparison shopping, finding deals and using tech to shop.

47.8% of dads say they think it’s not worth the time to shop around for the lowest price

59% say going to the counter with coupons looks cheap

33% of dads try to buy items on sale, compared with 52% of moms who do the same

28% of dads, but only 13% of moms buy brands they think are best without worrying about the price

Maple Leaf, Doritos, Heinz and Keurig were all considered brands that are “worth more” to Canadian dads

49% think the convenience of one-stop shopping is better than the lowest price

21% of dads study flyers before making a shopping trip, but 34% of moms do the same

85% make impulse purchases at the cash register of a drug store

48% of dads and 25% of moms consider themselves loyal to brand names

29% think no-name products are made the same as brand-name products

81% of dads say location-based mobile offers would be useful for their shopping and 70% want mobile offer alerts (but only if they opt in)

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