Check it out: A shocking workout

Athletes Carey Price and Kaylyn Kyle light up their routines with Under Armour's Charged line of shoes.
under armour

Remember LA Gear, the shoes for kids that lit up every time they took a step? Well, Under Armour’s new line of shoes go far, far beyond that.

In a new video by production house GLP Creative with post-production by Mirada Studios, NHL star Carey Price and Kaylyn Kyle from Canada’s Women’s World Cup team go through their workouts in Under Armour’s line of Charged shoes. With every leap and lift Price does in his Charged Ones and every step Kyle takes in her Charged Bandits, waves of lightning ripple across the floor and stadium stairs. All of this happens to a soundtrack that features, appropriately, Metallica’s “Ride the Lightning.” You can see the light show for yourself here.

The Charged line of shoes, available at Sport Chek, feature Charged Cushioning, something the company says is a unique foam that absorbs impact and converts it into a burst in the opposite direction.

“We conceptualized this commercial as a way to illustrate the power exchange that takes place with every step in Under Armour’s Charged Cushioning,” said Matt Shearer, ‎VP and managing director at Under Armour. “The first step and every change of direction are explosive and the commercial illustrates that. It also celebrates our athletes’ grit, determination and the hard work that goes into competing at the top level.”

The spot is airing on both Sportsnet and TSN, and will debut on CTV for the start of the NFL season. The broader campaign will include digital executions and homepage takeovers on the ESPN and Sportsnet websites.