Monstrous additions

Trigger's Teresa Leung uses her own personal touch to improve cheesy thrift store paintings.

monster3webSome see art simply as it is. They see and enjoy the people and places in a drawing, the colours and paint strokes and then walk away. But that’s not Teresa Leung. She sees monsters in paintings, specifically ones that she finds in thrift shops and garage sales (and that could easily have once lived on the walls of a roadside motel). The senior art director, who currently works at Trigger in Calgary, takes forgotten paintings home and then draws colourful creatures that are reminiscent of “Where the Wild Things Are” (as described by her former creative partner Jordan Finlayson) on the banks of rivers, where they like to feed ducks, take baths and trips. Who knew? Sadly, she’s not selling her creations, yet. They’re enjoying their home in her apartment, but maybe one day they’ll be up for grabs, if enough people bug her about it (we plan to send at least two requests per day).

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