Check it out: Colourful calorie counting

Just how much do you have to run to work off your Blue Jays donut?

Social Calories

If a chocolate Darth Vader head could speak, he’d probably tell you that devouring his dark deliciousness would require running exactly 2.36 km to rid yourself of the remorse of the calorie Force (yes, we just wrote that).

And that’s not the only food willing to give you a “pep talk” — as this Tumblr blog, concocted by creatives Pepe Bratanov at Toronto’s Red Lion and Nimo Awil at Poke (an agency in London, England), showcases in colourful bite-sized images. The Social Calories page is meant to, in the creatives’ words, “tell you exactly how much you need to push your next run to burn the foods you love to eat.” They believe that “calories” has become a dirty word, and by creating something cheeky (and forfeiting the counting of said units of energy), they’re hoping to be able to convince you to get into the whole exercising thing with motivating images (and good timing too…for you guys, not us, we’ve already given up on our New Years’ gym resolution). Also, follow along on their Insta page here.

Social Calories 4 Social Calories 3 Social Calories 2
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