Check it out: Making the dream of home a reality

Habitat for Humanity brought the "Brick by Brick" campaign to life this weekend with a real Mega Blok house.

To help keep donations to its “Brick for Brick” campaign going strong, Habitat for Humanity has shown just how far individual pieces can go in real life.

At the Toronto Interior Design Show this past weekend, the non-profit and Cossette took the idea of a girl creating a new home for her family by collecting Mega Bloks (used in a PSA for the “Brick for Brick” fundraising campaign in December) and brought it into the real world, using 35,000 Mega Bloks bricks to create a life-sized home.

“We wanted to find a unique way to raise awareness outside of the video,” Peter Ignazi, CCO at Cossette, said in a press release. “Bringing to life the idea of the little girl by building a real-life Mega Bloks home was a great way to connect the different pieces of the campaign and build something truly show-stopping. The ask is simple. Donate to help turn the girl’s dream into a real home.”

The “Brick for Brick” fundraising campaign, where $25 buys a “virtual brick” that will be used to build a real home, is on-going, and Canadians can make their donation online.