Pizza Hut launches GPS order tracking

Live Nav looks to lead the digital pizza-ordering wave in Canada.

Pizza Hut Canada wants to lead the digital pizza-ordering pack in Canada with the launch of the Live Nav order tracking platform.

The service, which was first piloted in the U.S. last year, tracks online orders through every step of the process, showing customers everything from the moment their pizza is put into the oven to when the driver picks it up to when it arrives at the door. Available across desktop, tablet and mobile, Live Nav also uses GPS to show where the pizza is on the delivery route and an estimated time of arrival.

Live Nav is being tested in select Ottawa-area restaurants, and is set to roll out across more locations this year.

Online pizza ordering has been on the rise in recent years, and many larger chains have been trying out new ways to reach online audiences as straight-forward app ordering continues to increase. Pizza Hut has expanded into connected car apps, while Domino’s has launched smartwatch apps, a Siri-style ordering assistant and a platform that allowed customers to place an order for their favourite pizza by texting an emoji (which won a Grand Prix in Cannes last year).

While Canadian chains like Pizza Pizza have also put a lot of effort into their mobile ordering app, the more ambitious digital pizza experiments have mostly been in other markets. Pizza Hut is promoting Live Nav as the first GPS pizza tracking system in the Canadian market.

“Our new platform will change the way we do business, while streamlining our driver delivery process to ensure the utmost efficiency and the best, hottest pizza,” Jennifer Ligotti, marketing portfolio manager at Pizza Hut, said in a press release. “Our goal with Pizza Hut Live Nav is to delight our customers with a new, live tracking experience.”