Got a second for Jamieson?

The brand brings fun and convenience to a digital push for its new Vitamin Sprays.

Jamieson is attempting to convince Canadians it can get them their daily dose of vitamins, no matter how busy they might be, in its new “#OneSecondVitamins” digital push.

The company’s new Vitamin Sprays are fruit-flavoured sprays that give users a daily dose of vitamin B12, vitamin D or melatonin. Created by Union, as part of the agency’s first campaign with the brand, the video promoting the launch features people in various busy and inconvenient – yet brightly-coloured – situations using the spray in one way or another.

The video is running in pre-roll now, with shorter versions coming to Twitter and Facebook. Starting on May 9, consumers that tweet at Jamieson using “#OneSecondVitamins” will instantly receive a digital coupon toward a purchase of Vitamin Sprays.

Mary Beth Williamson, CMO at Jamieson Laboratories, says the fruity taste of the sprays and their ease of use led to a more light-hearted tone for the ads.

“We found the ‘on-the-go convenience’ element of this concept was especially relevant and unique to consumers,” she says. “I’m a big fan of data, so we extensively researched the copy with the consumers, and it resonates with them and is really persuasive. It’s among the best-tested advertising we’ve ever done.”

It’s Jamieson’s first digital-first spot, Williamson says, with a tone that makes it more at home in social channels and a message that can be understood without sound.

“Anything we’ve done previously on digital has really just been sticking the TV ad there,” Williamson says. “For this particular launch, it was not a huge budget, and we could do more in the digital space. But we have also shifted a lot of our overall budget to digital, because our target is more and more in that space.”

That target is primarily (though not exclusively) female, the person in charge of the household’s health-care decisions who can’t always find time for her daily dose of vitamins or to remind the family to take theirs, hence the video’s focus on convenience. Williamson adds that the secondary target is people who may be adverse to taking pills and don’t take their daily vitamins as often as they’d like.

Jamieson has very high brand awareness (at 94% among Canadians, Williamson says), so the campaign’s goal is to show people who know that vitamins are good for them that there’s an easy way to take them.