Check it out: Would this happen at your work?

A new campaign for the Ontario Road Builders' Association points out our hypocrisy.


Are you getting yelled at through a glass wall in your office as you read this? We thought not.

A new campaign from the Ontario Road Builders’ Association (ORBA) uses some absurd situations to point out just how little respect some drivers give them in their work environment.

“Site Unseen,” led by Fleishman Hillard, puts a funny twist on that very serious issue. In fact, an Ipsos poll conducted for ORBA earlier this month found that 28% of drivers admit they’re not always focused on the road while driving. That can have an impact on roadside safety, since not all drivers notice signage and some tend to speed through areas. Many of those polled report witnessing bad behaviour like speeding (87%), weaving (72%) and road rage (61%).

To raise the issue of respect for roadside workers, the campaign puts that behaviour into a standard office environment to show just how silly some drivers can be.