Check it out: Schneiders’ new family ritual

A new Father's Day spot hopes to elevate the fist bump - and the brand.


For some, the simple act of a “fist bump” is not so simple at all.  There are fathers and sons who have created a tradition or ritual out of the gesture, connecting it to big and small life moments.

Schneiders is hoping people will feel the same way about its brand, and is positioning itself as an enduring tradition that brings parents and children together in a new online spot for Father’s Day.

The video follows the launch of the brand’s “Traditions” platform, created by John St., and shows intimate moments between a young boy and his father that are marked by a fist bump (for example, right after they successfully build a fire while camping, or just before the teenage son escorts his date to the prom). The brand is likening the “tradition” of fist-bumping (which can be shared over the good, the bad and the awkward moments in life) with the connective ritual of sharing a Schneiders hot dog or ham sandwich.

“Every parent and child has their version of the fist bump – a ritual that endures over the years,” said Niall Kelly, CD at John St. “For some, it’s a special saying, or a game, or a joke that seems to never get old. Either way, these little traditions can become very meaningful over time.”

And for those who can relate to the fist bump tradition (or who just like the video enough to share) the team has set up a microsite,, which people can use to embed their own personalized message in the video and share as an e-card for this year’s Father’s Day.

From Stimulant