Check it out: A clever phone hack

The Ministry of Transportation goes back to basics to stop texting and driving.

The solution to combat texting and driving is so simple that even the advertisement to promote its simplicity is, well, simple.

John St. recently came up with a life hack (a do-it-yourself shortcut that makes life easier) for Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation to stop people from staring at their screens when they should be staring at the road. It’s called “#SaveALifeHack” and it’s as straightforward as: (a) popping off your phone cover and, (b) flipping it over and covering your screen.

Voila! No more distractions (unless you forgot to turn off the volume). Here’s the demonstration video, which is (as mentioned) equally simple, resembling an over-the-top case study with corporate stock footage to boot.

“The internet is rife with hacks designed to be ‘lifesavers,’” says Angus Tucker, ECD at John St.But few of them actually save your life… We think that young drivers will appreciate the simplicity of this idea, and that the answer to this problem is not brain surgery. It’s as simple as flipping your phone case over.”

The hack is actually part of a larger campaign, featuring a startling and frightening spot (below) that shows the realities of distracted driving.

From Stimulant