Check it out: Self-defence, 360-style

United Mixed Martial Arts creates an immersive lesson.

Copied from Stimulant - UnitedMMA

Don’t be distracted by the pretty colours on the walls in the alley you’ve suddenly found yourself in — there’s an attacker approaching.

Not sure why you’d ever be so alone in a graffiti-filled alley that a hooded thief would see you as prey and corner you for cash? Well, maybe you’re not so unlucky to be caught in such a sticky situation like that, but just in case you ever wanted to know what it would sort of be like, then you should watch the Rethink-created video below for an immersive 360 experience. And then, when you’re done freaking out by the authentic fear you just experienced and how you have no idea what you would do in that situation (in real life), maybe head on over to United Mixed Martial Arts for a lesson in self-defence.

“We wanted to find an innovative way to remind people that threats don’t always come at us head on in real life,” says Andrew Davis, owner of United Mixed Martial Arts, in a release. “We always need to be aware of surroundings, and we need to be empowered with the knowledge to protect ourselves when life does take an unexpected turn.”

From Stimulant