Check it out: A deja vu from Honda

The automaker remakes a well-known spot, with a not-so-genuine twist.


This new spot for Honda Canada and the Ontario Honda Dealers Association might seem familiar at first, but in its quest to show how important it is for drivers to use genuine Honda parts in their vehicles, things go a little bit off the rails.

For those unaware, the video, created by DS+P, is a parody of the automaker’s game-changing “Cog” ad, the original of which can be seen below. It was created for Honda by Wieden+Kennedy in 2003 and would go on to win every award worth winning in this industry, from Gold Lions to the Grand Clio to Best in Show at One Show. And given the message of the original – “Isn’t it nice when things just work?” – it makes a parody showing what happens when things don’t work that much more appropriate.

From Stimulant