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What readers can expect from our expanded technology and innovation coverage and new weekly newsletter.

Now that the dust has settled on our parent company’s acquisition of Marketing Magazine, we’re ready to bring back one of its more popular newsletters and hopefully prepare all of you for the future of what this industry holds.

Some of you reading this may have previously been subscribed to Marketing Magazine’s weekly Tech Filter, and we’ve built off that framework to create something we feel will be incredibly useful for the industry.

Every Thursday afternoon, subscribers will receive a selection of content on topics related to technology and innovation. This might range from the brave new worlds of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality, to exciting new developments in established arenas like social media, data and CRM, to seeing which organizations are strengthening their expertise and how.

If you’re reading this and didn’t receive the newsletter today, you can get an idea of what to expect in the Tech section of our website and hopefully be enticed to subscribe and have those kinds of stories delivered directly to your inbox every week.

What we ultimately hope to do is fill a void and provide tech coverage specifically geared towards marketers in Canada. We are not looking to update you on which start-ups just secured their latest funding round. What we are going to do is examine the news, trends and innovations that are making waves in the tech world and zero in on what marketers need to know to take advantage of opportunities they present for engaging consumers. We’ll also turn our gaze to the advertising and marketing industry itself to learn about developments that are coming from within, and look at the latest and greatest ways brands have embraced all kinds of new innovations and what kind of standard that has set for the future.

While we’ve developed this approach with input from our readers, we’re still eager for feedback as we go along. So please, feel free to get in touch about what you’d like to see from our tech coverage moving forward.

Josh Kolm
News Editor, Strategy
Editor, Marketing Tech


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