CIBC tells its mobile story

The bank uses its signature penguin to showcase its innovations as consumers demand more from banks.

CIBC is putting its digital banking offerings at the forefront of its newest marketing campaign, hoping to communicate its innovations in an increasingly competitive market.

The new “Modern Life” spots feature the bank’s Percy character – a penguin introduced as part of its “Banking that fits your life” brand refresh in 2015 – going about his busy life, with CIBC’s various mobile services making the day easier.

While the bank has previously showcased individual mobile offerings, such as remote cheque deposit, this is its first campaign to tell its digital story comprehensively, says Rob Assimakopoulos, SVP and CMO at the bank.

“It was a great opportunity to take stock of everything we’ve delivered to the market,” he says. He adds that CIBC has been first-to-market with several of its offerings, such as its mortgage app, but now is the time to communicate that digital story to current and potential clients more clearly.

The “Banking that fits your life” positioning has largely done well for CIBC, which has seen boosts in brand awareness, brand consideration and other key equity metrics, he says. “What we’ve seen with Percy is that we’ve been able to differentiate ourselves with our messaging,” he adds.

That’s increasingly challenging, given that the major banks and smaller digital-only players are all investing in promoting their mobile banking offerings. “In any environment when you have fast moving innovations that everyone’s working on at the same time, the goal is to really try to differentiate yourself and try to tell your story in a distinctive way,” he says.

The new campaign includes TV, digital, print and social media. CIBC works with Juniper Park\TBWA on creative, Mediacom on media and Media Profile on PR.