Kraft Peanut Butter spreads its wings

The brand attempts to drive relevance with millennials by stepping up its snacking potential.

Kraft Peanut Butter is switching focus from bread to snacking, hoping to keep up with millennial consumption behaviour.

The new “Ultimate Snack Test” campaign, led by Taxi 2, is built on digital content showing how snack bites made with the peanut butter stacks up against competitors, from carrot sticks to chips to yogurt.

Peanut butter on bread is still the largest usage occasion for the brand and Kraft is the category leader, but over the past few years, it’s been looking for more opportunities to drive relevance, especially given that consumers (and millennials in particular) are trending toward snacking more, Nina Patel, director of marketing at Kraft-Heinz told strategy via email.

“People don’t eat bread as often as they used to, which is the main vehicle for using peanut butter, so we are looking to provide consumers a new way to use peanut butter beyond traditional spreading,” she says.

The hope with this campaign is to position Kraft Peanut Butter as a convenient and filling choice, but also a tasty and versatile one.

The crux of the campaign is providing easy-to-make recipe ideas for consumers online, targeting a millennial audience who may feel they’ve outgrown the brand or that it doesn’t necessarily fit into their current eating habits.

The digital-heavy campaign includes social media, online video and digital display ads, delivered in a contextually relevant way based on day parts (for example, more nutritious recipes delivered in the morning and more indulgent ones at night).

As part of the campaign, the brand teamed up with Big Brother Canada on an episode that aired April 10, where contestants had the opportunity to create their own Kraft Peanut Butter Snack Bites that reflected their own personalities (the brand integration is also extended throughout the show).

Kraft worked with Starcom Mediavest on media for the campaign.