Pairing Molson’s history with Montreal’s

The company partners with an AR app to show its founder's impact on the city's development.


Molson Coors Canada has partnered to help celebrate Montreal’s 375th anniversary and the role of the company’s founder in the city’s history.

Montréal en Histoires is a non-profit that aims to promote the city’s history. Its free mobile app allows people to walk around freely and discover points of interest on their own, or choose from a “circuit” that lets them go on a more guided tour. Each point of interest offers a range of different experiences upon arrival, from simple text and audio to augmented reality features that bring images of the past into the present.

Now, six new points of interest have been added to the app, all of which deal with the Molson family’s history and impact on the city of Montreal as part of the “John Molson Walk.” Through drawings, quotes, photos, activities and multimedia content, the project traces John Molson’s arrival into the city,  his company’s involvement in the community and the history of the brewery.

The final point of interest utilizes the app’s AR capabilities to go through the diary entries of several generations of the Molson family and explore the company’s history of innovation.

The Molson family has made significant contributions to Montreal since the first brewery was opened there in 1786, not only operating one of the city’s most successful businesses, but also opening banks and offering financial support for culture and social services there.

“These six presentations tell the story of this great Montreal family who has worked for seven generations in developing our city,” said Martin Laviolette, Montréal en Histoires’ executive producer. “This technological journey makes our history accessible and playful.”