Tech in Action: Kellogg’s virtual trick or treat

A partnership with Shazam uses AR to replace traditional toys found in cereal boxes.

Kellogg’s is using augmented reality to put a twist on the cereal box toy just in time for Halloween.

Working with Australian digital agency Orchard and Shazam – which has been expanding its AR and visual recognition capabilities, on top of the music recognition service it’s known for – select boxes of Kellogg’s cereal down under are coming with a Shazam code printed on the box.

By scanning it with the Shazam app, users open up a virtual interface (seen above) that lets them choose between a trick or a treat. Selecting “treat” will direct them to recipes and video content from Kellogg’s online hub for Halloween-themed recipes made using its products. Choosing “trick” will provide ideas for Halloween activities, such as making slime, or kid-friendly content featuring dancing mummies and ghosts.

Besides being a more cost-effective and sustainable way to bring fun to the breakfast table than the traditional toys are, the execution fits with Kellogg’s overall brand positioning, as all the recipes and activities are all meant to be shared experiences between the whole family, Jeci David, portfolio marketing manager at Kellogg’s, said in a press release.