2017 Strategy Awards: Cashmere confronts shy bladders

Devices that live-streamed music were installed in public washrooms to break the silence.

Cashmere Now Streaming Image

Bronze: Connection Strategy

The average adult goes to the restroom six to eight times a day. But “shy bladder,” the phenomenon that happens when your body freezes up and refuses to release, can get in the way. It happens to nearly two million consumers who can’t go when they need to. The reason? Because public bathrooms are simply too quiet.

Cashmere, Maxus and John St. saw an opportunity to leverage this insight and create a positive brand experience outside the usual “softness” benefits portrayed by bathroom tissue competitors.

The strategy focused on targeting that critical moment of anxiety when “shy bladder” hits by installing a device in bathrooms that live-streamed music to (essentially) cover up people’s streams. The team created a network of interactive units that were placed within targeted public female bathrooms where “shy bladder” was most likely to occur, specifically office towers and urban, upscale restaurants. It then made the “Now Streaming by Cashmere” playlist available online for anyone on-the-go.

Initial home scan readings showed an immediate positive impact on sales. After only two months, the installations were used more 2.17 million times – creating 38,500 daily Cashmere-branded experiences across offices and restaurants and exceeding reach estimates by nearly 20%. The campaign garnered nearly 10 million impressions, with the brand helping more than 65% of Canadian “shy bladder” sufferers by creating a positive bathroom experience so they can go whenever they need to.

Brand | Kruger Products (Cashmere)
Agencies | Maxus, John St.
Senior planner | Jason Black
Strategic planner | Fanny Rabinovitch-Kuzmicki
Partner/strategy planning director | Emily Bain