Canus celebrates 20 years with new packaging

The skin care brand aims to rejuvenate its image in an effort to connect with modern moms.

New Family pictureCanus, the country’s fifth largest soap manufacturer, is celebrating 20 years making 100% Canadian goat’s milk skin care products by introducing a new image for its Caprina brand.

Anna-Isabelle Morency-Botello, marketing director for Canus says the rebranding process started in 2017. She says the creative objective was to develop an emotional connection with customers and rejuvenate the company image to be more appealing to its target market of moms between 25 and 45.

The company (with owns about 5% of the soap market share, according to the brand) looked at global consumer trends for 2017 to create a product that’s still recognisable as part of the Caprina line of products, while also giving it a more contemporary design. So it kept the colours, but made them brighter and used a cream colour as a cue to remind people of its unique goat’s milk ingredient.

Morency-Botello says the Canus body washes aren’t as well known as the soaps, so the company plans to promote them at store level, as well as with an online contest and will be sharing lifestyle pictures on social media. There will also be a teaser campaign leading up to the new branding launch, creating short videos showing a day in the life of a goat farmer.