Leaf Forward turns the Cannabis Act into rolling papers

The cannabis-focused business accelerator is celebrating legalization, as well as the work activists and leaders did to make it happen.

With the legalization of recreational cannabis finally coming into effect Wednesday, a milestone was reached for many Canadians who toiled over the years to make the historic day happen. Cannabis-focused business accelerator, Leaf Forward, has decided to recognize the hard work of cannabis activists and leaders by giving them a way to watch replicas of the legalization bill literally go up in smoke.

Working with agency Rethink, Leaf Forward printed all 152 pages of Bill C-45, known as the Cannabis Act, onto rolling papers using safe, non-toxic ink and put them into packaging meant to resemble official government documents. This way, cannabis enthusiasts will also be able to “pass the bill,” so to speak, as they celebrate the occasion.

The sets are being sent to influencers, media and businesses in Leaf Forward’s network. Maintaining relationships with that business network is important for an accelerator like Leaf Forward: it not only invests in early stage cannabis companies, but invites them to participate in a 12-week program to receive mentorship and networking opportunities from industry leaders and subject matter experts in its network. And the celebratory nature of this campaign is also a way to reach out to the kind of businesses Leaf Forward might want to work with or invest in going forward.

“This is perfectly targeted towards the cannabis industry and those who are now excited about the prospects that the cannabis industry brings,” Joel Holtby, partner and creative director at Rethink, said in an email to strategy. “It’s a celebration of all the hard work that the pioneers, activists, leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators put in to make this day possible. The idea is socially shareable and meant to be disruptive.”