Mastermind Toys rolls out Perks for loyal shoppers

The toy store chain has unveiled its first-ever loyalty program with a focus on personalized perks.

Mastermind Toys, the Canadian chain of toy stores based out of Scarborough in Toronto, has rolled out a new loyalty program, called Mastermind Toys Perks, across its 64 stores in the country.

The Perks program, which was created in partnership with Bond Brand Loyalty, follows aggressive store expansions over the last few years. The retailer has also recently update its website last year and rolled out a service that allows shoppers to reserve online and collect in store.

As a part of the Perks program, members receive free gift-wrapping, sneak product previews, as well as access to members-only events, customized offers and personalized toy recommendations. Perks members will also receive surprise gifts and rewards throughout the year to mark milestones, like birthdays and holidays.

“The loyalty program has been in discussion for over two years as we continued to hear what our customers wanted from us,” says Anne Baston, VP of marketing at Mastermind Toys, adding that the brand’s research showed 94% of its customers indicated a strong desire for a loyalty program. “Our customers specifically mentioned that they don’t want points to track or a card to carry. What they really wanted was to be recognized for being a loyal customer.”

The free-to-join e-mail program is driven by those “soft benefits,” says Baston, adding that the more personalized perks differentiate it from other existing programs. “In the [toy] retail environment, where purchases aren’t weekly, these soft benefits drive greater loyalty than hard benefits.”

The Perks program is currently being promoted in-store using sign boards and floor graphics. Additionally, the retailer’s website is also driving people to sign up for the rewards program. “We see the Perks program having a huge impact on the brand, because our customer engagement will be at an all-time high,” adds Baston.