CMA to help raise awareness of NABS programs

The partnership will see the association offer a spot in its chartered marketer program to someone identified by NABS.

The Canadian Marketing Associate (CMA) has teamed up with NABS to help bring further awareness to the charity’s programs that support those working in marketing and communications.

As part of the partnership, the CMA will offer one spot in its Chartered Marketer program, a two-year designation program, to an individual identified by NABS. The marketing accreditation – similar to those offered in other industries, such as human resources – was launched in 2017 as a way of giving up-and-coming marketers the chance to enhance their skills in the field.

In addition to that element of the partnership, the CMA will help raise awareness about NABS at various speaking and fundraising events, through a more robust NABS presence at the annual CMA Awards and through working with business schools and colleges to ensure awareness of the respective organizations’ services.

As a national charity, NABS offers support to individuals in media, marketing, production and communications for their health and well-being, particularly during times of job loss and transition.

In a statement, CMA president and CEO John Wiltshire said the “vast majority” of people served by NABs are connected to one of its own members, making it “well aware of the profound impact of NABS’ assistance.”