Glad turns garbage day into a workout

The latest in a series supporting the brand's strength positioning includes a trash-inspired workout routine.

Glad is once again emphasizing strength to build emotional resonance with customers, this time with a full-fledged “Glad Strength Training Program.”

In two other recent campaigns, the Clorox garbage bag brand brought strength to the fore as way of driving interest in a low engagement category. Now, the company is encouraging Canadians to use garbage day as a reason to workout.

A 60-second film appearing on Facebook features the company’s “garbage man” clad in coveralls, a sweatband, legwarmers and runners undertaking the “Glad Strength Training Program,” a series of exercises that in addition to serving as a training program, demonstrate the strength of Glad garbage bags.

The latest video is the third in a series intended to drive interest in a low-engagement category, following the brand’s “Thank-you” and “The Big Lift” campaigns. The former, from 2017, featured the garbage man showing appreciation for a Glad-user through a long embrace on the streetside, whereas January’s “Big Lift” showed the trash collector using heavy bags to work out on the lawn.

Created by FCB Toronto, the spot us running through March 1.