La Roche-Posay offers acne analyses via AI

The L'Oreal brand's new app is the latest effort by the beauty giant to offer more services to consumers through tech.


Let’s face it, the applications for artificial intelligence are seemingly endless.

La Roche-Posay has just introduced an AI tool that uses “extensive scientific data to make personalized acne analyses,” according to a press release from the beauty brand, which is a division of L’Oréal Canada.

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Dubbed “Effaclar Spotscan” the app analyzes skin and gives it a score from 0 to +4. Based on the analysis, the service then outlines a personalized skincare routine, which La Roche-Posay products they should use, as well as skincare tips. The before/after skin improvement simulator shows the expected results and allows users to follow along with their skin’s progress through a “Skin Diary.”

To build the AI algorithm, La Roche-Posay had dermatologists analyze more than 6,000 images of men and women representing different ethnicities, skin types and levels of acne severity, explains the press release. 

The new app is the latest effort by L’Oreal to further engage its customers through services outside of what its products offer, typically using technology to do so. Last month, the company’s Vichy brand launched SkinConsultAI, which allows users to have a selfie analyzed for seven signs of aging and have an appropriate skincare routine recommended to them.

“Today consumers want more than just great skincare from a brand, they want an experience. Service has become the new-age product,” says Emma Kindler, general manager of La Roche-Posay Canada in the release.