NABS stokes some friendly competition

The non-profit launches a toolkit to help agencies contribute to its $60,000 fundraising goal.

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Asking agencies to “donate to themselves?” It’s not selfishness, but part of a broader effort called #nabsmonth, a campaign launched by NABS that calls on marcom professionals to support one another in the month of May.

NABS is a non-profit that aids the health and wellbeing of individuals in the media, marketing and communications industries when they’re faced with challenges such as mental health struggles, critical illness and prolonged unemployment. It has also has bolstered its services recently to tackle two primary concerns: ageism and letting stakeholders know that careers have a shelf life. This outreach includes financial and emotional preparedness when workers face career burnout.

It’s by design that “#nabsmonth” coincides with Mental Health Week in May, says Jay Bertram, NABS Canada’s executive director. According to the organization, workplace related issues make up 30% of calls to its support line, with depression becoming an increasingly important concern.

“Our support line service is all free,” Bertram says. “And we have to raise money to keep the program and our services going.”

PowerPoint PresentationAs part of this year’s #nabsmonth campaign, NABS has sent out a fundraising toolkit – developed with Cossette – to over 50 agencies so that organizers can better mobilize teams and participate in events such as art auctions ahead of next month’s fundraising push, which aims to raise $60,000. The tool kit even offers ads agencies can use to challenge one another or set up friendly competition between departments to drive up awareness and fundraising.

The organization will also launch a campaign called “People First” in May, part of a brand platform also developed in partnership with Cossette.

The campaign will support the brand and the organization for all communications moving forward. While May has been #nabsmonth for many years, Bertram says this time will feel like the first year of the campaign in the marketplace. This is because of the impending new platform, as well as the fact that 2018’s effort had logistical and organizational challenges. Bertram says last year’s campaign didn’t have an execution that properly engaged the industry, which have been addressed by meetings with 50 CEOs and creatives to get an idea of what would get them to support NABS more and the tools they need to do so.

NABS is hosting an official launch party on Thursday in Toronto, hosted by Triangle Group. As part of the campaign launch next month, NABS will also be awarding the first “People First” award to both the individual and company who raise the most funds.

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