2019 SIA Awards: Making new and old acquaintances

Award-winning ways Tylenol Complete and Tweed said hello to Canadians.

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This story originally appeared in the May 2019 issue of

Although Tylenol Complete is an established brand in China, the packaging looks different in Canada. As a result, newcomers end up switching to a different brand at retail.

Tylenol needed to reintroduce itself to new Chinese-Canadians by showing that it’s the same product they trust and can bring the comfort of home closer to them. A Bronze Targeting-winning campaign aligned Tylenol Complete to the audience’s biggest holiday: Chinese New Year, which is a celebration of good health and prosperity.

The brand tapped into ideas of home, love, and togetherness. The campaign, with media by UM, included pre-roll on iTalkBB, a top Chinese streaming service, as well as in Sing Tao, Canada’s largest Chinese language newspaper. The creative also showcased the number eight (which in Chinese culture is most associated with wealth and luck) to highlight Tylenol’s ability to fight eight cold and flu symptoms.

The targeted campaign drove newcomers to act, with the brand seeing a 22% increase in share performance inside ethnic stores versus non-ethnic.

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Tweed was also a stranger to Canadians prior to the legalization of cannabis. Its ambitious plan was to become a household name, and it did so by simply saying “Hi.”

In it’s race-to-market strategy, the brand looked to help Canadians push past the misconceptions of cannabis to truly understand how it can be a force for good. But first it introduced itself by explaining what Tweed is about and then helping to answer their burning questions.

Tweed worked with Cossette to say “Hi” on April 20 in restaurants, on the streets, and in bars. It also partnered with Live Nation to hook people up with tickets to events. And finally, it kept the conversation going by answering cannabis questions on its site, with the campaign winning a Gold Brand New!, a Silver Design and a Bronze Integration award.

Not only did Tweed address misconceptions, it also encouraged Canadians to be part of a new community and established itself as one of Canada’s largest cannabis brands.