Fallsview focuses on one-of-a-kind experiences

The Niagara Falls casino continues to take a humorous approach as competition in the industry grows.

Fallsview Casino Resort hopes to remind entertainment seekers of the unique experiences it offers as the Niagara Falls casino faces an increased competition in the sector.

New spots by Arrivals + Departures, which has been working on Fallsview advertising since 2008, positions the casino as a premier entertainment destination.

The strategy is about trying to place the casino as an industry leader by reminding viewers of the one-of-a-kind experiences it has to offer, says Jennifer Ferguson, director of marketing services. The campaign also looks to continue building on the humorous approach the brand has taken in the past, such as last year’s “Remember that time you didn’t go to Fallsview?” creative, she says.

The new spots show people trying to recreate their favourite Fallsview moments elsewhere. In “Backyard Fountain,” a man has erected a large Fallsview fountain installation in his backyard for this wife, who appreciates the grand gesture. But it turns out he didn’t so much replicate the piece as he did steal it from its original home.

The second spot (reminiscent of Fallsview’s “Girls Weekend” commercial from two years ago) shows a woman attempting to reproduce a flambe for her group of friends, which they first had at Fallsview. But the execution is less than perfect. Like the first spot, “Flambe” also ends with the campaign tagline, “There’s only one Fallsview.”

As in previous years, Fallsview will release two additional spots in the coming months that will round out the campaign and lend support through the end of the year. Each of the four videos highlights a different experience such as dining, hotel, gaming and entertainment.

Creative is running on TV and in cinema, with 15-second cutdowns rolling out on digital.

The new campaign comes as Fallsview faces even greater competition than in the past, according to Fergusson.

“In the past year, the competitive landscape and the game category has been growing,” she says. In addition to consumers having access to near “limitless entertainment options,” the number of slot machines and table games have increased in the industry and “we’re definitely having to respond to that.”