Lg2 renews Hydro Quebec mandate

The agency has been signed to another three-year term as AOR, once again teaming with Touche on the pitch.

The team of Lg2 and Touche! will continue to work on the Hydro Quebec account for at least another three years.

Following a competitive review, the crown corporation has again signed the agency team as its AORs for another three-year assignment. Lg2 will lead all advertising and communication activities across channels.

Lg2 first won the assignment in 2005, working together with Touche! since 2010. This is the third time Hydro Quebec has renewed the mandate, having last done so in 2015. Last year, Hydro Quebec expanded Lg2′s mandate to include more digital work, which it will continue to do.

In the spring, Lg2 helped Hydro Quebec launched a new visual identity and brand positioning (seen above) that was meant to standardize its communications across platforms. It also came with a new campaign, focused on how the public utility was making investments into a sustainable, clean energy future and emphasizing how 99% of the electricity it provides comes from renewable sources.

Hydro Quebec serves over 4.2 million customers in the province, making it one of the largest electric utility providers in Canada. It invested $2.3 million in the spring campaign, which ran for roughly two months.