New York Fries’ big campaign for bigger poutine

The QSR's campaign focuses on situations a new size is suited for, as well as promoting its environmentally friendly packaging.


New York Fries is now offering its poutine in a new large size, and launched a national campaign to explain when you should up-size.

New posters focus on the “big days” mega poutine is meant for. The events become “bigger” along with the size of the order, from helping a friend move (small) to helping a friend move up north (regular) to helping a friend move up north to Alaska (new large). All of the ads maintain the serious-yet-cheeky tone of voice that the New York Fries brand has been portraying over the years.


The campaign, handled by longtime agency partner Juniper Park\TBWA, also features in-store and radio components. One of the new radio ads spotlights the fact that all of the QSR’s poutine containers are compostable and recyclable, using its irreverent brand voice to highlight the hyperbolic environmental catastrophes that can be avoided with each order. New York Fries had previously joined the ranks of QSRs that had eliminated plastic straws and styrofoam containers from its restaurants.

New York Fries has been focused on offering a more diversified menu to stand out in food courts where the majority of its locations are based. Beyond poutine, that’s included a premium line of dips and portraying its hot dogs as a luxury item.