Amnesty International writes a challenge to power

The campaign promoting the annual writing marathon in Quebec focuses on global impact and young human rights crusaders.

7 - Amnesty International & Cossette - Frontiere

Amnesty International is once again reminding people that the pen is mightier than the sword, as it marks today’s International Human Rights Day with the “Write for Rights” campaign.

Every year, Amnesty supporters send letters to convince government officials around the globe to end human rights abuses like imprisoning people for expressing their opinion or the use of torture. As part of a campaign to support this year’s writing marathon within French Canada, Cossette created posters that aim to communicate that these letters have an impact on both individuals and governments, alongside messages such as “write to be heard,” “write to rewrite the law,” and “write to overthrow power.”

Previous campaigns for Amnesty’s writing marathon focused on ten female human rights defenders and included a stark image of a pair of bound hands meant to mimic the shape of a pen or pencil. Among the campaign’s successes: securing the release of Fred Bauma and Yves Makwambala, prisoners of conscience jailed in March 2015 for their role in pro-democracy activism in the Democratic Republic of Congo; and freeing Ethiopian journalist Eskinder Nega in 2013.

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To help place the creative, Cossette Media partnered with La Presse, Bell Media, Cogeco, Groupe Capitale Médias, Journal Métro, TC and Publicité Sauvage –  which provided media space across a host of channels, such as digital, radio, print and OOH in the province of Québec.

Building on last year’s tally of six million messages sent, this year the cause will focus on those under the age of 25 who are leading forces of change on a global scale. This includes the likes of Darwin (whose traditional name is Brown Eagle) a Grassy Narrows Indigenous man poisoned by mercury dumped onto Ojibwe land, and Emil Ostrovko, a Bellarussian teen beaten by police outside of Minsk and detained ten years for a minor drug offense.