Tech in Action: Bell flies the fastest hunk of junk around

The telco extended its Star Wars campaign to Snapchat, putting fans in the midst of a battle with the Millennium Falcon.


For the better part of the last two months, Bell has been placing people into scenes straight out of Star Wars. So it follows that they might want to use augmented reality to bring the immersion to another level.

Created by Bell partner agency Zulu Alpha Kilo, a Snapchat filter offered two fan-focused functions in one. The front-facing camera did what one might expect from a Star Wars-themed filter, turning users into a robe-clad Jedi. But using the rear-facing camera turned the user’s environment into a scene pulled straight from the movie, showing the Millennium Falcon fly across a battlefield as it is pursued by TIE Fighters.

The Snapchat activation was part of Bell’s wider activities around the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which have been running since the film’s release in December. Over the years, the telco released campaigns tailored to the releases of the most recent trilogy in the film franchise; for The Rise of Skywalker, TV ads (created by Lg2) had people finding themselves in various situations from the movie, before they snap back to reality, where things like piloting the Millennium Falcon through hyperspace represented the speed of the company’s internet service.