Check it out: SkipTheDishes rebrands

The food delivery app changes its branding colours to better align itself with parent co. Just Eat Takeaway.


SkipTheDishes is going from red to orange to mimic its Dutch parent, Just Eat Takeaway’s design aesthetic.

For those not familiar with the brand, the Netherlands’ Just Eat Takeaway is a new name in the food delivery space, birthed out of a buyout of London-based Just Eat, of which SkipTheDishes was its Canadian subsidiary.

Just Eat Takeaway (originally the Dutch mouthful, Thuisbezorgd) has branding featuring a simple house with rounded edges and negative space cutlery. Skip has adopted a similar graphic treatment, with the food delivery app updating its courier bags (pictured) and branding for all restaurant partners in the coming months.

The orange-centric design scheme launched Sunday night across Skip’s website, app and social channels and will appear in advertising and campaigns and marketing assets going forward.

Cheryl Radisa, SkipTheDishes’ VP of marketing, says the Just Eat and Takeaway merger came with a total global brand refresh, a project which was in the works for a couple of months and handled by its internal team. “It’s part of our global approach to our new brand and as we become part of the global entity, we are moving forward together with the new brand identity,” Radisa says.

She adds that the orange hue is consistent with the tone and character of the Skip brand. “There is a vibrancy and brightness and presence, and we think there are lots of positive attributes it will bring.”

To promote the change to consumers and stakeholders, Skip has launched a campaign that will run for six to eight weeks and which includes YouTube ads, an OOH play, as well as Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat content. The food delivery app is also updating some of the Jon Hamm creative (by Arrivals + Departures) that’s currently in market to match the new branding. Proof handled public relations, UM the media.