Sterling Vineyards tries to build a youthful identity

The winemaker collaborated with three celebrity influencers to expand its customer base through personal storytelling.

Sterling Vineyards is hoping to appeal to a new, younger generation of wine drinkers with the launch of a new campaign featuring a trio of Canadian creators.

While the winemaker has established itself well with drinkers over 35 years of age, it is looking to build its fanbase with a new campaign, “Pairs Well With You,” that relies on longer-form, deeply personal storytelling in order to connect authentically with younger drinkers.

“Pairs Well With You” features Bobby Bowen, a stylist and editor-in-chief of Bully Magazine; Killa Kels, a Toronto-based DJ and rapper; and producer Sean Leon.

Through storytelling from the creative collaborators about their lives and career, the goal is to appeal to a strong sense of identity in the target audience and show them how Sterling’s wine can fit in with anyone’s lifestyle.

“When it comes to younger millennials, no generation has been as driven by identity as them,” says Kim Tarlo, partner and ECD at Mint, which developed the campaign. “It’s about how they project, own and redefine their identities, as well as the layers to their identity and what they portray to the world.”

Though the campaign is running on digital platforms, where shorter content is typically king, each of the spots runs a full 60 seconds, and “we believe that when you have a great story and the craft is there, people will engage,” Tarlo says.

In addition, the campaign deliberately evokes a greyscale palette, reflective of the brand’s label, which helps it stand out in stark contrast among the more common, brighter imagery.

“When you’re poring through TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, you’re seeing a lot of bright, poppy colours,” says Tarlo. “This really pops out because amongst all the colour, it really looks different.”

The campaign is running through to the end of November. In addition to the online video and social elements, it is also running across the collaborators’ own Instagram channels.