Metro flips holiday meals to better reflect its customers

The grocer provides holiday meal inspiration in the form of cultural twists sourced from the communities it operates in.

Metro has been spending the holiday season providing recipe ideas to its customers. But instead of just providing another way to do the holiday turkey or potatoes, it has looked to the diversity of its customer base to add a bit more excitement to the table.

The “Dish Flip” campaign, as the name suggest, flips “traditional” holiday foods by giving them a new twist, often one that incorporates a different cultural flavour. Chicken, for example, becomes chicken adobo, basic Christmas cookies become napolitane cookies and ham becomes pineapple honey ham.

The ads have been appearing in print, flyers and social.

“It’s all about inspiring holiday grocery shoppers with community-sourced ideas reflected by the experiences and traditions of our customers,” says Mathieu Robitaille, marketing Director for Metro Ontario. “By spotlighting not only the diversity of dishes, but the people behind them that make our communities unique, we’re excited to celebrate what makes the holidays truly special across our province.”

The campaign also features an influencer play with Everything Delish (Jamie Milne) and Six Pack Chef (Wallace Wong), popular for their food content on TikTok. That is part of a user-generated content push, where customers are encouraged to share the own ways they put twists inspired by their culture on traditional holiday meals.

“We loved the idea of having people from our communities share ideas instead of picking and choosing what we think customers should consider this holiday season,” says Boaz Sudai, senior brand manager for Metro Ontario “We aim for every one of our stores to represent the communities they serve, and for us, bringing unique dishes into our stores directly from the community is a great way to do that.”

Created by The Hive, media on the campaign is being handled by Havas with Agnostic on PR. It also includes a search and social execution, with “dish flips” targeted to people looking for common recipe terms like turkey and mashed potatoes.


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