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Proline shows the silver lining to a losing bet

OLG uses a message common to the lottery category in an effort to stand out from other betting options.


The Hive hires Jung Ahn and Sacha Ouimet as ECDs

The pair will help the agency manage its burgeoning business, while Ouimet will also lead expansion in Montreal.


EQ Bank speaks to Canadians who are fed up with being taken from

Instead of simply reflecting back people’s frustrations, the new campaign aims to break client apathy by showing solutions.


OLG immortalizes an all-Black 1930s baseball team

By bringing the Chatham Coloured All-Stars into a video game, the crown corp aims to further enrich Ontario and tell stories from its communities.


The Hive expands its AOR mandate with OLG

The agency will now handle all digital lottery and casino properties, in addition to continuing its work on Proline.


How Canopy Growth is growing its beverage portfolio

Having found some surprising purchase behaviour, the cannabis company is doubling down on in-store marketing that focuses on different consumption occasions.


The Hive adds seven, including a new senior leader

Shawna Hayman, former lead on Cossette’s McDonald’s account, has joined the agency’s executive team as it responds to new wins.


EQ Bank names The Hive as AOR

The challenger financial brand has turned to the Toronto independent to help it develop a new creative platform.


Proline hikes its swagger to promote betting at retail

The OLG’s sports betting brand hypes what makes it pro as it faces an incoming wave of new challengers.


Metro flips holiday meals to better reflect its customers

The grocer provides holiday meal inspiration in the form of cultural twists sourced from the communities it operates in.


2021 Agency Holiday Cards: Part Two

Charitable gifts and ugly sweaters are plentiful in holiday wishes from Zulu Alpha Kilo, Here Be Monsters, Klick and The Hive.


Astro aims to refuel fibre-deficient Canadians

The Lactalis brand is going “all in” on a new protein- and fibre-rich yogurt with a campaign focused on the energy it provides.


OLG bets on trust to bring players into Proline+

With single event sport betting now legalized, the crown corp hopes having established equity in an emerging space will set it apart.


Metro refines what it means to source local products

The grocer is profiling 40 of the farmers and vendors consumers want to support: the ones in their own backyards.


The Hive hires Dustin Rideout as chief strategy officer

The new position at the agency aims to bring its strategic competencies “to an entirely new level.”