Astro aims to refuel fibre-deficient Canadians

The Lactalis brand is going "all in" on a new protein- and fibre-rich yogurt with a campaign focused on the energy it provides.

In its lastest campaign, Lactalis Canada claims its new Astro Protein & Fibre yogurt meets a market need for fibre-deficient Canadians.

The creation of Astro Protein & Fibre was partly informed by Health Canada insights that most Canadians are only getting about half their recommended daily fibre intake, which is 28 grams for women and men. The yogurt promises to provide a considerable amount.

The launch creative is therefore straightforward, communicating the nutritional benefits via protein and fibre content callouts and a promise to energize people “for all the things they do”.

“When we think about communication development, especially when it comes to innovation, really it’s about focusing on the proposition and right off the bat, making sure people understand what the product is,” says Burhan Khan, national marketing director, cultured division at Lactalis Canada. “The end benefit to consumers is that it fills you up, fuels you, and keeps you going,” Khan adds.

The ad spend, Khan says, reflects the brand being “all in” on the product, with the confidence that it will really resonate with health-conscious consumers.

The campaign for the four-SKU Protein & Fibre lineup launches this week and is being supported with TV. There are also in-store components, and a PR collaboration with Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF) to add to the credibility of the product’s protein and fibre combo, Khan says. Once awareness is successfully built, Lactalis will consider activating on different platforms and working with the likes of online coupon company Flipp.

“We feel the greatest bang for our buck still remains TV, especially with our target audience, and so we want to make sure for rapid awareness we first focus on TV,” Khan says.

The bulk of Lactalis sales is actually plain yogurt, where the brand is number one in the natural segment. For this new product, Khan says it’s looking to resonate with consumers who value probiotics, or those who eat yogurt for health reasons.

There are brands that offer extra protein or fibre, but the combination of the two does not exist in the marketplace, he says. The CDHC certification on pack helps drive home the message that its latest offerings are healthy and fibre-rich.

The Hive handled creative development, while Starcom led media and FleishmanHillardHighroad (FHR) supported its PR efforts.