Tweed rejigs branding to ease shopper confusion

The Canopy cannabis brand has changed its packaging design to make formats and strains easier to identify.


As the cannabis category heats up – and people find it more challenging to discern between one brand and the next – Tweed has undergone a major transformation to simplify purchase decisions.

The company’s new “Whatever Feels Good” brand platform is the outcome of a process that began in the spring of 2021 and involved multiple teams, from insights to product innovation and marketing, to bring the entire brand refresh to life, Kelly Olsen, Canopy VP, global flower business tells strategy.

During the development of the platform, Olsen says the team pinpointed the universal truth that, these days, “it’s harder than ever to feel good about feeling good.” So Tweed decided to create a more approachable brand identity that’s simple and easy to digest so that consumers can just focus on feeling good.

In addition, Olsen says cannabis brands and product information have dramatically proliferated since legalization, leaving cannabis consumers feeling confused and unsure of how to navigate the category. “The industry has matured, consumer preferences have evolved, and it’s the right time for Tweed to do the same,” Olsen says.

Olsen says the company did consumer testing throughout all aspects of the refresh, including packaging design testing to make formats and strains easier to identify, as well as around its new “Whatever Feels Good” brand platform and campaign messaging.

As part of the revamp, the company is introducing higher THC strains for its flower lineup, and has created new packaging that includes a heat-sealed freshness-preserving bag, reduced weight, and a new colour scheme for ease of trial.


The addition of the new Tweed Sparkling Water (above) also offers consumers a citrus-forward, RTD product available in Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lime flavours, building on its existing SKU lineup of iced tea and soda RTDs. The simple, solid colour at the bottom of the beverage can leans into the flavour profile for each of the products, Olsen explains.

The colour-coded approach is replicated when it comes to its flower and pre rolled joints, with the hue on the bottom of the packaging using semiotics to signal an anticipated effect. “For example, red is for sativas with uplifting effects, blue is for indicas with a relaxing effect, and green is for hybrid,” Olsen explains.

It’s also innovating in the edible category and has introduced the XPRESS gummy, the brand’s first-ever 2mg THC-infused gummy offering.

The entire project was led and executed by Canopy’s internal cross-functional team, including the brand and campaign development.