Huge taps Matt Di Paola for global leadership role

The agency's Canadian managing director will lead client services globally, with Mark Pileggi taking on more duties locally.

Matt_1Matt Di Paola has been promoted to a new, global position at Huge that will have him overseeing the agency’s client partnership team across all of its offices.

In his new role, Di Paola will directly oversee approximately 20 direct reports – client services leads across the agency’s offices, which include locations in the U.S., Toronto, London, Singapore, Tokyo and Colombia. The client services team as a whole numbers close to 100 people globally, he says.

His mandate will be to build upon the consistency and cohesion between Huge’s various client services teams.

“We’ve been a very decentralized organization for a long time, so I’ll be working to make sure we have a centralized view of what the role of client partnership is at Huge and making sure we have a consistent view of that craft,” says Di Paola. “Huge sits somewhere between a consultancy and a creative agency … making sure we have a team that has the training and skillset to flex in both of those worlds is important for sure.”

Di Paola joined Huge in 2018 as managing director of its Canadian operations, based out of Toronto.

A major impetus for him to join the agency was the opportunity to work within a global network and have chances to work with different people in different markets, he says, in order to “literally take the best practices from around the world to create something new for everyone. That’s the most exciting part.”

Di Paola will continue to work out of the Toronto office, and will continue to be involved in local operations. However, the agency is promoting Mark Pileggi into the managing director role in Canada, and he will take on more of the day-to-day responsibilities of running the office, Di Paola says.