Cannabis POS system Greenline partners with loyalty provider Springbig

The company aims to tap into a rich but elusive source of shopper data.
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Greenline POS, a leading competitor in the fully-compliant cannabis retail point-of-sale space, is integrating cannabis CRM and loyalty technology Springbig into its platform, creating an experience that will allow Greenline customers to use Springbig rewards and offers via the former’s software while capturing retail and consumer insights in real time.

The move aligns with Greenline’s overall goal of “helping the legal Canadian cannabis retailer,” says Lisa Martyn, head of marketing for the company. “Bearing that in mind, we try to partner with the strongest allies that we can to facilitate for our retailers, and Springbig is one of those allies.”

Brand loyalty has traditionally been hard to win in the Canadian retail cannabis market, “largely due to restrictions in place Canada wide,” says Martyn, though it is highly coveted by retailers. “Each province has its own restrictions in place in terms of loyalty, and we have to figure out a way to adhere to all of it,” she notes.

Point-of-sale is also one of the few rich sources of data marketers can access in determining trends and product preferences, especially when it can be compliantly combined with loyalty or rewards programs, like software provider Hifyre Retail has been investing in for several year.

Greenline is hoping to be another player that crack that code for its retailers via the partnership with Springbig, which provides a new feature set and SMS text messaging – tools Canadian retailers can use to strengthen their business.

Established fully in the United States, Springbig is “just branching out into Canada now,” says Martyn. The integration with Greenline provides them with a rich database of consumers who are already using that system.

“Springbig’s latest integration with Greenline underscores our dedication to improving and simplifying the cannabis shopping experience across North America,” Jeffrey Harris, CEO of Springbig, says. “We’re impressed with the robust POS network Greenline has created, which has quickly become the gold standard in Canada. And we look forward to expanding our reach in Canada, providing customers with loyalty rewards and meeting them where they’re at.”