Cossette merges internal production teams

As client and creative needs shift, Magic Circle Workshop will provide a more nimble and less limiting offering across formats.

Cossette is merging its two Toronto-based production arms, Identica and Soda, into a new brand within the agency called Magic Circle Workshop.

Identica previously handled the print side of production, while Soda led on motion and post-production work. The new entity will be part of Cossette and the Plus Company family, and was conceived “a year and a half ago,” according to Raquel Mullen, VP of production at MCW, who will lead the new brand.

“We started on a journey to rethink the way we approached production and the services we offered. As a result, we decided to combine our internal production arms,” she explains. “Soda and Identica served us well, but with the needs of our clients shifting, and the production industry evolving, our traditional siloed approach was limiting our potential. We also wanted to create a more progressive brand and operation that satisfied the expectations and needs of our creatives.”

One key objective in creating the new entity is to put forward “a more robust service offering that allows us to be nimble and efficient.” Cost efficiency is key to the new proposition, Mullen said, and the new brand “will build unique production models and solutions to align with the needs of a specific project and scope.”

In addition to its internal production team, Cossette relies on “an open source model” to provide staffing for Magic Circle Workshop, meaning it has “access to a diverse talent pool of freelance creators based on the creative and scope of each project,” Mullen says.

In the process of creating the new brand, “we have been curating and adding new skills and talent,” she adds. “The ultimate goal is growth and continuing to bring additional offerings in-house.”