Catelli pasta gets a new look that’s easier to navigate

The pasta brand aimed to make it quicker for families to find exactly what they are looking for within a vast selection of shapes and varieties.


Pasta brand Catelli has rebranded and reorganized its full product lineup with an eye towards facilitating better consumer understanding and shelf navigation across its offering.

Pasta brands can have a selection that is fairly vast, considering both the different shapes and product features, such as offerings in multigrain or with added fibre. Catelli opted for a more colourful visual aesthetic, and together with agency partner Lg2, created an entirely new framework for its product portfolio to help consumers clearly and quickly identify Catelli products at shelf.

Select products were also renamed to clarify their offer. This included whole grain pastas being grouped together and flavoured products being given a bolder, colourful new look and heightened appetite appeal. On pack callouts include “all natural ingredients” above the brand, plus other nutritional benefits.


Lg2 has been partnered with Catelli for three years, working on all facets of the brand’s external communications, and its recent evaluation of Catelli’s portfolio helped determine the best solution to keep its brand edge and secure Catelli’s position as market leader.

Alistair Senn, senior brand manager for Catelli, says that as Canada’s number-one pasta brand, it is well aware that consumers’ shopping habits are changing. “As a result, we needed to modernize our 150-year-old brand to stay relevant and attract new markets, without alienating our loyal consumers,” Senn notes.


In addition to a packaging overhaul including more details, as well as nutritional and cooking info, the Catelli logo typography was also reworked to give it a more contemporary feel.

With the copy style revised to be more inviting, along with a reinvented colour palette, Catelli says it’s established a more “cohesive personality across all product families, pack formats and types of pasta in their portfolio.”

The result is a functional, fashionable brand identity and optimized consumer experience, that the brand says is now more user friendly.

Catelli is part of Barilla Inc., which purchased Catelli’s dry market business in 2021 from Spain’s Ebro Foods for approximately $168 million.