Why a single malt scotch is cashing in on crypto

From Shopper Marketing Report: The Glenlivet is giving away cryptocurrency to evolve its popularity with finance types.


Single malt scotch whisky brand The Glenlivet is teaming up with asset trading platform CoinSmart to “give the gift of crypto.”

The collaboration will take place in both Ontario and British Columbia – regions that have high concentrations of crypto users – with CoinSmart offering $10 in cryptocurrency to Glenlivet’s customers through redemption codes on the whisky’s packaging.

Giancarlo Gallucci, associate brand manager at Corby Canada, tells strategy The Glenlivet is all about breaking category stereotypes, something crypto enthusiasts claim they have done in the financial markets. Scotch drinkers more broadly, as well as The Glenlivet drinkers more specifically, tend to be involved in financial investing, Gallucci says, so it made sense for the brand to also be involved with a major disruptor in the space.

“As crypto currency continues to grow in popularity, strategically partnering with CoinSmart shows our audience that the brand understands these trends and will provide valuable promotions to our current and newly recruited consumers who participate in crypto currency,” he says, adding that it creates a proposition that interests tried-and-true whisky lovers, as well as crypto enthusiasts who are curious about the category.

The on-pack activity will enable consumers in British Columbia to enjoy a gift of cryptocurrency with any purchase of a number of Glenlivet SKUs, including its new 14 year old special edition whisky, while customers in Ontario will get a similar offering when buying Glenlivet SKUs including Founders Reserve, 12-year old and 15-year-old whisky and Caribbean Cask Single Malt.


QR code scanning is a tactic Corby has used in the past for retail communications, what Gallucci says is a great way to direct consumers to a resource with little friction. “For this program in particular, it allows Glenlivet to create more efficient redemption steps for the consumer.”

It has developed a custom sleeve that fits over its Glenlivet gift box. In Ontario, there are endcap-style displays and in B.C. there are premium corrugate displays in select liquor retail locations.

Past campaign efforts on behalf of The Glenlivet were based around countering perceptions about the drink being stodgy and seasonal.

When it comes to timing, Gallucci says whisky is a big spirits category leader, and that whisky-based cocktails are turning into a seasonless proposition. Through the launch of The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve, Corby is seeing how innovations can break category norms and extend the consumption occasion past the Holidays and Fall into Summer.

The creative agency was Dayjob, while Group SJR handled PR. Paid media partner was Wavemaker.