Cannes 2022: Zulu Alpha Kilo wins Gold Health & Wellness Lion

The agency also won a Bronze, as did FCB Canada, at the week's first awards ceremony.

The Health & Wellness category was the most popular for Canadian agencies to enter this year  and for two shops, it paid off, with one taking home Gold.

Just over 3% of the 1213 entries to the category won a Lion, and Zulu Alpha Kilo was one of only seven that won a Gold Lion in the Health & Wellness Tech sub-category for Pfaff Harley-Davidson’s “Tough Turban,” an initiative that allowed Sikh Harley owners to stay safe while still recognizing their faith.

The agency also won a Bronze Lion for  “The Micropedia of Microagressions,” created with a group of organizations including The Black Business and Professional Association, The Canadian Congress on Diversity and Workplace Equity, Pride at Work and Toronto Metropolitan University’s Diversity Institute. The campaign was built around an online database of hundreds of microaggressions people face in their daily lives, aiming to educate people on words and actions they may not even realize are discriminatory and reinforce systemic racism.

Another Bronze Lion went to FCB Canada for “The Mindsets Paper,” a campaign for the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. The work was aimed at getting participants to sign up for a fitness tracking app and study that aimed to investigate the under-explored connection between exercise and the abilities of those with Down syndrome. 

The Grand Prix in Health & Wellness went to VMLY&R Mumbai, which won for “The Killer Pack” for mosquito repellent brand Maxx Flash. With cases of mosquito-borne illness like dengue and malaria at an all-time high in India, the brand created biodegradable packaging that was lined with a chemical that killed larvae in landfills and home garbage bins, helping to repel the insects even after the repellent was used.

There were no Canadian entries shortlisted in Pharma, but the Grand Prix in that category went to VMLY&R for Dell’s “I Will Always Be Me.” The campaign was based around a book created for those with ALS and other motor neurone diseases, which often take away the ability to speak as they progress. The project recorded people’s voices as they read the book, which included all the syllables needed to create a digital version of their voice so they can still verbally communicate with loved ones after their motor functions no longer allow them to.

Health & Wellness Lions


Zulu Alpha Kilo

Pfaff Harley-Davidson, “The Tough Turban”
Health & Wellness Tech (Product Innovation)

Partners: Zulubot, Select PR, Nelson Connects, Spark Innovations


FCB Canada

Canadian Down Syndrome Society, “The Mindsets Paper”
Non-profit/Foundation-led Education & Awareness (Creative Data: Creative Data Collection & Research)

Partners: Fuel Content, Grayson Music, Radar Studios, Bliss Interactive

Zulu Alpha Kilo

Black Business and Professional Association, et. al., “The Micropedia of Microagressions”
Non-profit/Foundation-led Education & Awareness (Digital)

Partners: Zulubot, Pirate, Black Business and Professional Association, Canadian Congress on Inclusive Diversity and Workplace Equity, Pride at Work Canada, Ryerson University