Cannes Digest: More Gold and a lot more shortlist nominations

The latest wins and shortlist nominations as day three of the festival gets underway.

Another day, another Gold Lion.

Tuesday’s award show brought Design Gold to BBDO, but also 12 other wins in Cannes’ Craft- and Entertainment-focused categories.

Wednesday morning was all about the Engagement categories, some of the most-entered of the festival. While there were no Canadian nominations in the new Creative B2B Lions, there are still two dozen more shortlist spots, with the winners being announced tomorrow.

The third awards show is a big one, covering seven different categories where Canadian agencies have 20 nominations: Innovation, Brand Experience & Activation, Creative Business Transformation, Creative Commerce, Creative Effectiveness, Creative Strategy and Mobile.

Canadian Lion wins (by category)

Brand Experience & Activation: 4 Shortlists
Creative B2B: 0 Shortlists
Creative Business Transformation: 0 Shortlists
Creative Commerce: 4 Shortlists
Creative Data: 5 Shortlists
Creative Effectiveness: 7 Shortlists
Creative Strategy: 4 Shortlists
Design: 10 Shortlists, 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 4 Bronze
Digital Craft: 6 Shortlists, 2 Silver
Direct: 6 Shortlists
Entertainment: 1 Shortlist
Entertainment for Music: 1 Shortlist, 1 Bronze
Entertainment for Sport: 1 Shortlist, 1 Bronze
Film Craft: 4 Shortlists, 1 Bronze
Glass: 2 Shortlists
Health & Wellness: 10 Shortlists1 Gold, 2 Bronze
Industry Craft: 2 Shortlists, 1 Bronze
Innovation: 1 Shortlist
Media: 4 Shortlists
Mobile: 0 Shortlists
Outdoor: 6 Shortlists2 Bronze
Pharma: 0 Shortlists
Radio & Audio: 0 Shortlists
PR: 3 Shortlists
Print & Publishing: 5 Shortlists1 Gold, 2 Bronze
Social & Influencer: 6 Shortlists
Titanium: 1 Shortlist

Canadian Lion wins (by agency)

Rethink: 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 4 Bronze
Zulu Alpha Kilo: 1 Gold, 2 Bronze
BBDO Canada: 1 Gold
Jam3: 1 Silver
Performance Art: 1 Silver
FCB Canada: 2 Bronze
Bensimon Byrne: 1 Bronze
Cossette: 1 Bronze
Gut Toronto: 1 Bronze
Publicis Canada: 1 Bronze
Sid Lee: 1 Bronze
Taxi: 1 Bronze